Manifestations du script de cohésion Dans la Communauté Mohammed Eid Al-Khalifa

GAOUAOUA, Tayeb Lazali (2011) Manifestations du script de cohésion Dans la Communauté Mohammed Eid Al-Khalifa. Masters thesis, Université Mohamed Khider - Biskra.

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This study tagged: manifestations of cohesion script in Community " Mohammed Eid Al Khalifa," tried to investment criterion of cohesion manifestations (mechanisms) to prove or deny the social cohesion of the poems assigned to the study and analysis. The research was divided into the entrance of the two as follows: Entrance: marked: linguistics sentence to the text, which dealt with a view of a light sentence and types when the old and modern at. Then moved on to speak about the text and text linguistics in terms of concept; text: What goes up or appear in the form of verbal event represented by voice or written in the form of production represents and show writing, with reference to the differences between text linguistics and linguistics of the sentence. Chapter I: separation of theoretical Marked: coherence script concept and manifestations, as is the casting or consistency when most researchers online structure of the surface form of the text; that regard relations grammatical or lexical different in the text, it is this respect means to be achieved whereby the continuity (semantic) in the apparent meaning of the text. The knitting or harmony is related to the deep structure of the text at the level of the underlying perceptions and concepts that shape the world of the text. Chapter II: separation applied, Marked By: manifestations of cohesion script in the Community Mohammed Eid Al-Khalifa, which dealt with the nine poems from these meetings, namely: the poem "ship of death", and the poem "Hey France", and the poem "on the people," and the poem " Be strong, "and the poem" Do not forget, "and the poem" agitated and serious, "and the poem" The risk to human science "and the poem" O my people endowed, "and the poem" the words of the people. " The conclusion of this research included reviewing the most important findings, including: - the proportion of variation and the manifestations of a script in the Community Cohesion poet Algeria Mohamed Eid Al-Khalifa, it features Alazakip found in grabbing the attention of: * The assignment of various kinds, especially the referral of conscience, which we found in the Code refer to either search the Algerian people, or to French colonialism. This kind of assignment contributes to the formation of the overall meaning of the text through the relocated inside, and also by reference. Not to mention the deletion of the poet, who took care of him much attention as other aspects. * Repetition of most forms of private frequency, which dominated the overall blog search, Repetition is a tributary Atsakie draw the meanings of the poet and confirmed. * Accretion forms and relations on the level of one house, and at the level of betaine, and the level of the poem (text) as a whole. It is these relationships that have emerged clearly in the Code of The Relation of contrast, does not hide what this relationship is of importance in the disclosure of the meanings and clarified, a canter identify things. * Connectivity with his tools, different, special tools according to which an absolute plus, and tools that benefit the branching, leading to a consistency of part with part (part with the part), and consistency and harmony of the house with the home, harmony and coherence of the poem (text) as a whole. * All types of parallelism: parallelism fully horizontal, vertical and parallel full, partial and parallel horizontal, vertical and parallel partial. This element Alazaki appeared in the Search Blog at the level of nominal sentences branches (especially the nominal sentence installed), and at the level of branches as well as verbs (especially related to the actual installed). This evidence reflects the psychological poet optimistic for tomorrow for Algeria to enjoy the freedom, security and stability, and also reflects the distinctive feature of the reform of the poet, emerging from the sincerity of his faith and piety. - when we talked about in the times of the text and found that the time mostly on the Community Mohammed Eid Al-Khalifa is the last time the right as we have to list the events and the report of the facts, the poet is sincere in all of the facts conveyed to us, especially those depicting the suffering of the Algerian people during the French colonialism, that the poet actually lived and lived through all the bitterness. - The study confirmed that the texts in the Community Mohammed Eid Al-Khalifa, can not be understood isolated from the social context, mostly poetry Mohammed Eid was felt appropriate. From all this we can God knows these poems Social studied as a coherent text to a large extent, comes to us thanks to the availability of this provision aspects of the formal coherence of the text surface (consistency), and also the availability of the manifestations of the deep semantic coherence script (harmony).

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